Hear From Our Team

“I’m motivated each day by our shared vision of using technology to improve our healthcare system. As a Senior Software Engineer, I spend my time implementing new features and making existing pieces of our infrastructure more robust. We’re still small, which gives me the opportunity to make a big impact and to constantly learn new things. Our team at CodaMetrix is made up of experts in everything from technical frameworks to hospital revenue operations. I’ve been most impressed by the kindness and respect my teammates have shown me and each other; we work hard, collaborate well and celebrate our victories.”


“As a former intern and a current Machine Learning Scientist here at CodaMetrix, I’m thrilled about the possibilities that are now open to me because of the people and the professionalism at this company. I’ve always been interested in solving problems in the healthcare domain using machine learning and NLP. CodaMetrix treats its employees in a way that helps me focus on conducting research and achieve my career goals. Indeed, I chose a job that I love, and I’m enjoying it every day.”

Machine Learning

“As a part of the machine learning team here at CodaMetrix, I work with medical text data to solve challenging and fun AI/NLP problems and conduct research to benefit our product. What I value the most is the balance between the emphasis we put on research vs. the product. With many unique challenges and rich data, healthcare is an exciting domain where a machine learning researcher can make a huge impact.”

Machine Learning

“As a former intern and a current full-time employee on our Machine Learning team, I have been working on improving the efficiency of machine learning models on healthcare data. The efficient and effective use of big healthcare data allows us to reduce the business cost and serve more customers. I am so glad to have such a great opportunity to work with my teammates with diverse backgrounds and experience; together, we are making a big impact in healthcare.”

Machine Learning

Internship Program

CodaMetrix works with colleges and universities across the country to offer internships and co-op opportunities in a variety of departments. Check our current job listings for internship opportunities.

“I enjoyed the amount of creative freedom and responsibility that the team placed on me. The fact that I could build something from the ground up and see people use what I built was very satisfactory.”



“I really enjoyed learning new things. Prior to this internship, I knew some JavaScript but I’d never touched API endpoints or NodeJS. I’d consider myself fairly proficient in both now and I think that’s exciting.”



“I had a fantastic time working with everyone and learning so much about what CodaMetrix does and the structure of the different departments.”


We pride ourselves on employee values and culture that makes our innovative mission a reality.

We build tools and reporting systems to enable employees to perform their functions with full visibility and accountability.

Single-threaded ownership

We foster alignment, accountability, and productivity with focused teams that have individual leaders and clear areas of responsibility.


It is each of our responsibility to report vital information in real time so that stakeholders can make key decisions quickly, and if needed, fail early.

Deliberate collaboration

We promote a culture that values the combined talents of the many versus the talent of one, or even a select few.

Radical honesty

All corners of our organization benefit from candid, thoughtful, and truthful feedback that is given with compassion and respect.



We cover 80% of the cost of medical and dental insurance and offer vision insurance.


We have an unlimited PTO policy, so you can take the time to relax and rejuvenate.


We host recurring events like Meditation Mondays, CMX Connections and New Hire Trivia.


CMX offers a 401(k) plan that eligible employees can contribute to one month after their first day.


All new hires complete our 7-week Fellowship program to learn about each of our departments.


We recognize quarterly “You’ve Been Awesome” award winners and celebrate our team’s service milestones.


We offer employer-paid life insurance and short-term and long-term disability insurance.


We provide annual performance evaluations and outline a clear path for promotions.


We’ve established a performance-based equity incentive plan for eligible members of the team.

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