Industry’s 1st Multi-specialty Autonomous Coding Platform

Includes EHR-embedded Coding Decision Support tools to assist coders in manually coding the more complex cases.

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GI & Surgery 

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Beyond Classic-NLP & Rules-Based Systems

CMX-Consortium Members

A true network effect.

The CMX platform continuously learns from curated best practices of world-class provider organizations, who participate in and contribute expertise to the CMX-Consortium.

Unlike Natural Language Processing (NLP)-centric solutions that use defined rules and are brittle when faced with variations in documentation formats, the CMX-Consortium models learn from patterns in the data and each customer’s best coding practices automatically and intelligently.

The CMX technology is designed to get smarter and to improve quality and performance with every new addition to the CMX-Consortium.

We adapt to you
The CMX autonomous coding solution is built to:
  • learn from each client’s data
  • calibrate predictions to each client’s unique requirements
  • configure automation thresholds to any desired quality outputs
  • be 100% transparent and provide client access to the evidence behind every decision

And, finally, to provide coders with coding decision support tools and a head start to most efficiently code the cases that are not autonomously coded.


An ultra secure, cloud-based, multi-specialty autonomous coding platform.

  • securely plugs into client’s existing network
  • no required coder training
  • no change to coding workflows
  • works with or without CAC systems
  • touchlessly codes 60-70% of the volume
  • sends uncoded cases to coders
  • 60% less denials than manual coding
  • 100% auditable with clear evidence
  • reduces coding costs by 30+%
  • no risk, success-based implementation

It costs a lot less than manual coding, and clients only pay for the cases that are successfully automated.


A coding decision support tool that is embedded in the EHR to help coders code unautomated cases more efficiently, harnessing the power of CodaMetrix predictions.

  • coders can decide to launch it with any case
  • once launched, CMX predicted codes are displayed
  • one-click submission of predicted codes
  • easy selection of alternative codes
  • sends uncoded cases to coders
  • 60% less denials than manual coding
  • 100% auditable with clear evidence
  • no risk, success-based implementation
In the background, CMX-Amplify™ will route submitted cases to the next stages of the billing process and coders will move to the next case on their EHR work queue.
Automation and Evidence Dashboard
  • increase transparency with evidence from CMX
  • increase coder productivity
  • reduce receivable days
  • streamline coding workflow
  • improve consistency in coding process
  • improve accuracy of coding output
  • reduce physician queries
  • improve coder and CDI staff satisfaction

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CodaMetrix utilizes the best of modern application technology.

Our platform is safe, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

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